BEFORM AS participated in the Elmia Nordic Rail Expo 2023.

BEFORM at Elmia Nordic Rail 2023 – A glimpse into the future of the rail industry

Elmia Nordic Rail, held in Jönköping, once again became the hub for innovation, discussion, and networking within the rail industry. Over three days, we at BEFORM had the pleasure of being among the 145 exhibitors who met the 2,242 attendees.

During the exhibition, it was evident that the need for a common platform to discuss industry challenges, share experiences, and establish new contacts is stronger than ever. As Magnus Ringqvist, the event manager for Elmia Nordic Rail, put it: “This exhibition is not just about selling products, but also about building networks”.

Elmia’s Tech Talks addressed key issues such as the capacity of our main railways, as well as sustainability and skills supply. Their Career Forum provided employers a unique opportunity to meet talents – an exciting platform where around 40 students engaged in speed-dating for potential job opportunities and connected with potential future colleagues.

BEFORMs booth at ELMIA Nordic Rail 2023

At our booth, we noticed a significant interest in our composite sleepers. Our own Anita Listou remarked, “Many attendees showed interest in our sleepers. It’s evident that the circular economy is on the agenda“.

At Elmia Nordic Rail 2023, BEFORM had a clear focus on the rail industry’s future solutions. We highlighted the opportunities that exist in sustainable material choices for the railway’s fastening components and sleepers. With a growing awareness of CO2 footprint and rising demands for EPDs, we see the value of staying ahead. It’s evident that Sweden, with Trafikverket at the helm, places a significant emphasis on recycling, and we at BEFORM share this dedication to a more sustainable future.

We at BEFORM strongly believe in composite materials as the solution for the future. Focusing on sustainability and offering competitive pricing per sleeper, we believe that recycled composites can be the key to capturing the market.

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