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BEFORM’s Revolutionary Comfortmax Window Ventilation

BEFORM, a leading manufacturer and supplier of injection-molded plastic products, takes innovation to new heights with the launch of Comfortmax, a groundbreaking window ventilation vent designed to be more durable, cost-effective, and flexible than traditional window ventilation vents.

BEFORM Comfortmax, with its enhanced construction, sets a new standard for window ventilation vents in the market. This valve is designed to be both easier to manufacture and assemble, providing significant cost savings at every stage. With the ability to channel airflow up, down, or both, Comfortmax gives users greater flexibility and control, ensuring maximum comfort and air quality: Comfortmax.

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with BEFORM’s ventilation product specialist, Line Bremtun, who is an expert in the field and has in-depth knowledge of this exciting ventilation solution.

Line Bremtun hos BEFORM Fredrikstad

Q&As about Comfortmax

– Line, could you give a brief introduction to the new window ventilation vent? What sets it apart from existing vents on the market?

– The keywords for the new Comfortmax valve are discreet design that better matches the window frame. In addition to that, the airflow can easily be directed upwards, downwards, and to each side at a 45-degree angle. Learn more about Comfortmax here!

– How has BEFORM managed to make Comfortmax more durable and cost-effective than traditional window ventilation vents on the market?

– We have succeeded in this based on the introduction of a high percentage of recycled plastic materials instead of virgin materials, reduced number of components, and automated production. In other words, sustainable and cost-effective material choices, smart and thoughtful design, as well as simplified and more efficient production are the keys behind Comfortmax.

– How does Comfortmax’s flexible air channeling feature make it easier for users to control airflow compared to, for example, a “traditional” vent?

– Comfortmax has a three-part control of the airflow through a tilting function. The airflow can be directed upwards, downwards, and to each side at a 45-degree angle.

– How will Comfortmax be experienced by consumers and look placed in the window frame?

– This vent is designed in a discreet and minimalist design, and extends only 7 mm from the frame in the closed position. Clean, simple, and slim design, without visible buttons or screws, in a uniform color may not be very exciting for those of us who are engineers, but we know that this is something, for example, interior designers appreciate.

BEFORM Comfortmax

– How does BEFORM see the future of the ventilation industry with the introduction of Comfortmax?

– The new Comfortmax is a development and continuation of the older model, Comfortline, which is now being phased out. Comfortmax has an improved open and close function, and its design is also well-suited for the Danish and Finnish markets.

– Are there specific design elements in this window ventilation vent that make it suitable for certain types of building structures or interior styles?

– The Comfortmax valve is made of aluminum, either lacquered or natural anodized. Both the buttons and the ventilator frame are made of polypropylene material. White, gray, or anodized aluminum color for the frame and end pieces/buttons.

– What is the installation process for this window ventilation vent? Are there any special requirements or considerations that need to be taken into account during installation?

– No, the Comfortmax valve is quickly and easily placed in a milled slit (either 30mm or 40mm in length) in the window sill, completely without screws!

BEFORM Comfortmax

– Is there an option to customize the vent based on specific needs or preferences? For example, size, color, or material choices?

– A black color option is available, depending on demand. Otherwise, the valve is not customizable.

– Are there any specific maintenance or cleaning procedures that need to be followed to maintain the optimal performance of the Comfortmax window ventilation vent?

– Comfortmax is maintenance-free! Only simple cleaning with a cloth is recommended.

– How is this vent priced compared to other ventilation solutions on the market? Are there any long-term cost savings or benefits that may be relevant to mention?

– Fewer components have led to lower assembly costs. In the long run, it’s also less likely that individual components in the valve will fail, precisely because there are fewer of them. This means that maintenance costs and replacements due to improvements under warranty or claims will also be lower.

A big leap in ventilation technology

It’s clear that this window ventilation vent represents an exciting development in ventilation technology. We look forward to seeing how it contributes to improving air quality and comfort in various building environments.

With the launch of Comfortmax, BEFORM remains committed to delivering high-quality products that offer optimal performance and durability. Comfortmax is more than just a vent; it’s a testament to BEFORM’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and value creation at every level. The company looks forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry, and we’re excited to see what the future holds.

Learn more about BEFORM Comfortmax, and see more ventilation products from BEFORM’s range here!

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