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plastic production in norway

Plastic Production in Norway: The Key to Quality, Sustainability, and Efficiency

What if you could guarantee the quality of your plastic products, reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain, bolster local economies, and gain access to groundbreaking technological solutions, just by choosing the right plastic manufacturing partner? Well, it’s entirely possible! By opting for plastic production in Norway through a partner like BEFORM AS, you […]

plast og komposittmaterialer er fremtiden for redusert co2-utslipp

Carbon Capture is better with plastic materials

The pursuit of sustainable solutions to combat pollution and halt climate change is more relevant than ever. One of the more exciting developments in this area is products and solutions from BEFORM and our innovative technology for using plastic to manufacture important process components. In this post, we are pleased to share an exclusive interview […]

injection molding is a process used to make a number of different plastic products in various industries

What is injection molding?

At BEFORM, we often get the question: “injection molding – what is that?”. Therefore, we would like to briefly explain what injection molding is: it’s a process used to create a variety of different plastic products in various industries. From the automotive industry to medical equipment, injection molding of plastic products is an important manufacturing […]