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BEFORM has the necessary experience and equipment to serve as your subcontractor for both small and large volumes of order production. A wide range of production technologies, materials, and a network of partners within all aspects of production, ensures that you as our client, get the lowest possible cost, the quality you would expect, all delivered on schedule.

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Capacity and capability

BEFORM is well equipped with updated machinery and extensive equipment for automated production. We undertake everything from the production of individual products to major projects.

BEFORM is one of the few plastics companies in Norway that produces products in both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials. For customers, this means that one can choose from a wide range of materials with different properties. In addition, we can deliver complete products in a combination of both materials. Our production lines comprises:

  • Injection molding of thermoplastics
  • SMC compression (Sheet Molding Compound)
  • Hand lamination of fiberglass and polyester
  • RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)
  • Stamping of aluminum profiles
  • Assembly, packing and delivery.

Experience and expertise

Being comrised of three formerly separate companies with a combined exprerience of nearly 250 years of producing and delivering quality products, you can be confident in BEFORMS ability to serve your needs. BEFORM uses this exprerience to constantly build up its level of knowledge and necessary machines, ensuring we are both reminiscent of our history, and preparing for the future.

Connected partners

Over the years, BEFORM has developed an extensive network of partners and friends throughout all aspects of our business. Whatever it is, BEFORM has the connections right connections across the globe to make your needs and wishes come true. Be it prodution techniques, materials, development, consulting, sales and logistics, we’ve got you covered.

Logistics and delivery

Often overlooked, logistics can make or break a project. There is no point in finding “the perfect” production facility for your products, if they cannot be delivered safely and on time. A large portion of our work go into ensuring that we can provide the necessary logistics for our clients, so that their projects don’t suffer delays.

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BEFORM has 3 different thermoset production processes: Hand Laminating, Vacuum Injection (RTM) and Hot Pressing (SMC)

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