BERAIL™ Recycled Rail Components

Choosing BEFORM means opting for components produced with unrivaled innovation, expertise, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, contributing to the advancement of sustainable and resilient railway systems.

BEFORM’s Sustainable Rail Fastening Components

With 40 years of innovation, BEFORM specializes in crafting sustainable rail fastening components, setting new standards in collaboration with Europe’s rail industry leaders. Our expertise spans diverse material technologies and corrosion management, ensuring the delivery of reliable, sustainable, and high-quality components.

BEFORM’s components, including insulators and pads, are designed and produced using our own Proprietary Closed Loop Model.

Pads prevent direct contact between the rail and sleeper, absorbing vibrations, reducing noise, and mitigating damage risks like cracks in concrete sleepers.

Insulators, ensure secure fastening and smooth operation, minimizing wear in fastening systems and prolonging infrastructure life.

BEFORM’s components, including insulators and pads, are designed and produced using our own Proprietary Closed Loop Model.

BERAIL™ Plastic Railway Sleeper: Sustainable and Innovative

BERAIL™ offers composite sleepers as a sustainable, maintenance-free alternative to traditional wooden or concrete sleepers, ideal for turnout and bridge sleepers. Developed through meticulous Research and Development, these sleepers represent a transformative approach to railway technology, utilizing 100% recycled plastic to forge a greener path in railway infrastructure.

Exceptional Development and Sustainability

Crafted in adherence to ISO 12856 and AREMA standards, BERAIL™ Composite Sleepers showcase superior damping characteristics along with enhanced strength and impact resistance. These sleepers are a testament to BEFORM’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, developed through our Proprietary Closed Loop Model, ensuring each product meets and exceeds new sustainability reporting standards, contributing to a more sustainable and compliant future in railway technology.

Advanced Material and Construction

The materials used leverage advanced extrusion technology, requiring a unique mix of recycled plastics and additional elements, offering an environmentally conscious alternative amidst the restrictions on creosote and limited availability of hardwood. The sleepers are constructed from layered blends of recycled plastics, reinforced with glass fibre, resulting in a virtually maintenance-free product.

Economy and Value Chain

BERAIL™ Composite Railway Sleepers are not just products; they are sustainable solutions, pioneering advancements in railway technology, allowing companies to align with environmental considerations and compliance requirements, while ensuring the longevity and reliability of railway infrastructure.

Achieving Sustainability Goals with the Closed Loop Model

BEFORM’s Proprietary Closed Loop Model is our unique and specialized approach to product lifespan, emphasizing our distinctive expertise in processing and additive selection. This model allows us to offer products that are the epitome of sustainability, reducing environmental and CO2 footprints through continuous refinement across every segment of the value chain. Our Closed Loop Model is not just a testament to our innovative approach; it’s a strategic enabler for companies aiming to mitigate their scope 3 emissions effectively, where the majority of companies find 80-90% of their emissions.

By choosing BEFORM, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re embracing a partnership in innovation and sustainability, ensuring your company is a frontrunner in environmental conservation within the railway industry. BEFORM is more than a provider; we are your partner in shaping a sustainable future in railway technology. Our innovations and the Closed Loop Model are embodiments of our vision for a world where technology and sustainability harmonize to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable railway technology.

Meeting New Reporting Standards

The imminent enforcement of advanced sustainability standards like CSRD, CSDDD, ESRS, and SBTi means that industries must be proactive and strategic in product selection. BEFORM’s pioneering products aremeticulously designed to help companies not only meet these impending requirements but transcend them, converting every regulatory stipulation into an opportunity for environmental stewardship. Aligning with BEFORM ensures you are well-positioned to navigate and exceed the new sustainability reporting standards, embedding eco-consciousness at the core of your operations.

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