Rebar Chairs

BEFORM has developed stackable rebar charis for both soft and hard surfaces. All our reinforced rebar products are produced from recycled plastic material.

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BEFORM rebar products

These rebar chairs with plate are used on soft or loose ground, e.g. on styrofoam, gravel or sand, where the legs of ordinary rebar prducts are easily pressed into the substrate so that the correct concrete cover is not achieved.

BEFORM rebar chairs are produced by our department in Oslo, formerly PTP (Peter Thorkildsen Plasticindustri AS).

Save space – up to 40% volume reduction

With BEFORM’s stackable rebar products for both soft and hard surfaces, you reduce the volume during transport and storage by 40% (compared to traditional packaging).

Instead of delivering the products randomly packaged in bags or boxes, our Maxi Stjerner and rebar chairs without plate are carefully prepared to be stacked as closely together as possible. Cardboard packaging is therefore unnecessary for these products.

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BEFORM are deveolping materials to produce plastic composite railway sleepers made from recycled materials.

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