History and Objective

BEFORM has an ambitious plan to create a new and powerful production company in Scandinavia that will be a part of the re-building of industrial production capacity in our hemisphere. 

Nothing more – nothing less.

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BEFORM Holding AS – The making and Timeline   

BEFORM Holding AS was founded Q3 2021 and is a wholly owned subsidiary by BEWI Invest AS which is also the majority owner of the listed company BEWI ASA and KMCP Properties ASA. 

By third quarter of 2021 HV Plast AS in Hønefoss was acquired by BEFORM Holding AS, as the first step in the plan of creating a powerful production company, based in Norway.  

Biobe AS has been a part of the listed industrial company BEWI ASA since September 2017. End of 2021 Biobe was sold to the company BEFORM Holding AS.

Katoplast AS joined the group by June 2022, and PTP joined August 2022 


Ambitions and branding 

BEFORM is a manufacturer of injection molded plastic products and thermo- and thermoset plastics. The purpose of BEFORM is to create a go-to resource within our industry. BEFORM is predominately a sub supplier to the industry but we are also an owner of product assortments within certain industries. One example is the Biobe ventilation assortment. Biobe is a well-established brand name within the ventilations industry and brand Biobe will remain as a product name. 

What does it mean for you?   

BEFORM is organized as a group with common management for both the Fredrikstad, Hønefoss and Halden operation.   

This is providing a focused organisation with clear targets to be as efficient as possible. Competence is utilized where it is and new won knowledge is spread among the team.   

The group’s overall capacity is growing, as former boundaries between competitors is now turned into a resource-pool of machinery, equipment and knowledge, used for creating more value for our customers.  

We are also proud of our new common R&D department, where we now will have very experienced resources available for customer projects. This will provide excellent support for our customers and bring us closer to becoming a complete solution provider.  

BEFORM is satisfied with the start of 2022 both in terms of integrating different company cultures but also joint R&D activities and deliveries are running smoothly.   

Available capacity is more than 70 injection moulding machines in the range of 20 T to 1300 T clamping force. We have also entered a 3-year investment program, that will provide a new range of machines with state-of-the-art efficiency and production control. This will provide an increased production capacity and a reduced CO2 footprint going forward.  

BEFORM shall be characterized by responsibility for employees, society and environment.

About Quality & Certifications