Product Development & Consulting

BEFORM has probably more than 1000 years of accumulated experience, and more than 50 years experience of plastic manufacturing. We produce components in more than 100 different materials ranging from PP to PEEK.

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Developing an idea into a finished product

BEFORM’s role in the development of new products is primarily as project manager, responsible to see that products are properly designed and delivered on time. For a variety of reasons, some customers require BEFORM to assume responsibility and leadership in the development, including products not manufactured by BEFORM, such as the development of packaging and logistics solutions.

For these tasks, BEFORM personnel, with extensive experience and expertise, bring forward the best solutions for our customers and their products. The assignments vary in scope from customization and optimization to developing the entire product from scratch. BEFORM uses state-of-the-art software for 3D design, process simulation and additive manufacturing.

BEFORM also participates in development projects, working cooperatively with other companies and networks, in the development of processes, products and materials. Several current projects are partially funded through government research and development programs and grants.

From Prototype to series production

Beform has highly skilled and experienced staff in our development department. We can help you through all the stages of your product development process. 3D drawings, 3D printing and mold production. Test production and series production.  

BEFORM offers guidance on following topics

  • Chemical resistance?
  • Enviromental impact
  • Moldability
  • Carbon footprint
  • Fibre, balls or powder fillings?
  • materbatches
  • UV Resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Rigid or flexible
  • Transparency
  • Binding properties
  • Post production machining or assembly
  • Thickness
  • Draft angles
  • Hydroscpic properties
  • Tool capacity

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BEFORM designs and specifies tools before they are built, ensuring they meet all requirements for durability, function and quality.

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