images of pages from the new BEFORM website over a background image from a warehouse

Welcome to the new BEFORM website!

BEFORM is a new concept, and is rapidly growing. BEFORM is made up of several companies and partners with their own websites, of varying levels of design, layout, and user experience. To further consolidate these companies under the BEFORM umbrella, we decided to create a single website where we can grow and expand the BEFORM brand and philosophy.

The purpose of our new website is to give you the necessary information about our services, contact information, documentation, and future plans. Our new website is constructed with the future in mind, in a responsive design that is easy to use on all devices. It is also built on a CMS that is constantly updated and improved upon, with massive community and third party support.

The BEFORM-website is still in its infancy, so there will be things that look odd and may change over time. If you have feedback or questions, please feel free to contact us to let us know.

We are proud to present this website to both new visitors, long-time clients and employees. We look forward to future development.